Petrochemical Industry Leading Fight against Coronavirus

(Monday, March 16, 2020) 01:11

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – Petrochemical companies have vowed to provide raw materials for production of 2 million hospital uniforms.

Six petrochemical companies have planned to supply 200 tons of polypropylene granule to manufacturers of disposable hospital clothing sets for production of 2 million sets.

Given the deadly spread of the virus in the country, the petrochemical polypropylene working group, with the support of the National Petrochemical Company, has planned to supply large numbers of hospital clothing sets.

The petrochemical companies which have joined the cause are Maroon, Jam Polypropylene Plant, Navid Zarshimi, Rejal, Shazand and Polynar Tabriz petrochemical companies.

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لوگو- نیپنا

National Petrochemical Company