Noori Petchem Plant Localizes 4 Catalysts
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – Iran’s Noori Petrochemical Plant has successfully localized production of 5 strategic catalysts by the support of Iranian knowledge-based companies.
Saturday14 December 201917:15
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Tondgouyan Petchem Plant Breaks Output Record
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The CEO of Tondgouyan Petrochemical Plant said that his company’s output was at record high in the first 8.5 months of the current calendar year, which began on March 21.
Wednesday11 December 201917:53
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8-Month Output of Jam Petchem Plant up 64% Y/Y
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The output of Jam Petrochemical Company in the first 8 months of the current calendar year, which began on March 21, has increased by 64 percent year on year.
Tuesday10 December 201917:35
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Sanctions and Achievements
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Despite the sanctions Iran has made noteworthy progress in the petroleum industry.
Tuesday10 December 201917:12
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Sale of Apadana Methanol Output Guaranteed
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The CEO of Persian Gulf Apadana Petrochemical Plant said the sale of his company’s output was guaranteed by the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (PGPIC)’s plans, adding the company had no concerns regarding sale of its methanol output.
Monday09 December 201917:01
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8.5-Month Output of Noori Petchem Plant at 2.9 mt
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The output of Noori Petrochemical Plant stood at 2.9 million tons in the first 8.5 months of the current calendar year, which began on March 21.
Monday09 December 201916:47
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Tondguyan Petchem Plant to Diversify Output
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Diversification of the production of polyethylene terephthalate chain is one of the key priorities of Tondguyan Petrochemical Company, which will be realized in the near future.
Sunday08 December 201917:53
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Targeted Petrochemical Projects, NPC Concern
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) said that the company considered development of petrochemical projects in a targeted manner as important and seriously pursued its realization.
Sunday08 December 201916:49
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PGPIC Ready to Ramp up Cooperation with Knowledge-based Firms
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (PGPIC) is prepared to tap the technological capabilities of startups and knowledge-based companies in various sectors.
Saturday07 December 201915:46
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Petchem Development, Top Priority of Economic Policies of Iran: MP
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – A member of the Iranian parliament said, given the rich oil and gas resources in the country, the development of petrochemical industry has become a priority of economic development policies of Iran.
Thursday05 December 201911:19
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1st Catalyst Localization Conference to be Held in Kish
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – SARV Oil & Gas Industries Development Company has arranged the first conference on catalyst localization in the petrochemical and oil refining industries in January.
Thursday05 December 201910:53
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