Iranian Manufacturers Back Petrochemical Industry

(Wednesday, September 18, 2019) 16:17

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The vice president of the Energy Committee of Tehran Chamber of Commerce said that Iranian manufacturers have achieved great success in manufacturing and supplying equipment and parts used in the petrochemical industry.

Speaking to NIPNA, Behzad Mohaghegh, referring to the growing trend of petrochemical industry in our country, said given the technical and engineering capabilities of domestic companies, this industry can grow rapidly and Iranian companies and manufacturers have always been supportive of the petrochemical industry.

He said the sanctions could be a great opportunity for the petrochemical and downstream industries, if raw materials could be delivered to the downstream sectors; then, the US sanctions would completely fail.

“Neighboring countries are desperately in need of downstream Iranian petrochemical products, so the export of these products to neighboring countries is urgently needed and the development of infrastructures should facilitate the export of various complementary products,” the official added.

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