Creative Project Saves Plant 2500 Mwh/Y of Electricity Consumption

(Monday, August 12, 2019) 23:53

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – A project was carried out at Fajr Petrochemical Company’s reverse osmosis water treatment unit which reduced its power consumption by 2,500 Mwh per year.

According to the PR department of the facility, based on the preliminary design of the reverse osmosis water treatment unit production process in Zone 1, the water osmosis blocks were first inserted into an intermediate tank and then pumped by 5 pumps to the main storage tanks.

Due to the continuous operation and special conditions of the pumps, removal of these pumps was proposed and finally considered and implemented after thorough expert reviews of the initiative.

Implementation of the final phase of the project was completed, with priority being given to the company's obligations to stakeholders in the region and non-stop shipment of the products in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of implementing this important project include reducing electricity consumption by 2,500 megawatts per year, and reducing maintenance costs due to the removal of five centrifugal pumps.

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لوگو- نیپنا

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