Iran Petchem Exports will not Stop: MP

(Sunday, May 26, 2019) 12:56

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – A member of the Iranian parliament said the country’s petrochemical exports had never ceased under sanctions in the previous years and will not stop in the future.

Speaking to NIPNA, Rahim Zare, who is a member of the parliament’s economy committee, underlined the impossibility of imposing sanctions on Iran's petrochemical exports, adding the Americans sought imposition of sanctions on petrochemicals as they know that after oil, the most valuable non-oil exports to Iran are petrochemicals.

He pointed to the sanctions of previous years, adding that at the time, the United States was also seeking a boycott on petrochemicals, but “we saw that the Iranian petrochemical industry was not sanctionable and the export of petrochemical products had not diminished. This industry continues its progress.”

Zare said that Iran's petrochemicals could be exported in various ways, adding: "Although the US target is to boycott Iran's petrochemical industry, in different ways we can export our products and generate hard currency."

The MP said: "Iran's petrochemical exports not only have not diminished, but have also been growing. I believe we can export our products in the most difficult conditions."

He said: "Experience has shown that over the 40 years after the Islamic Revolution, despite US propaganda and sanctions, we could again sell our petroleum and petrochemical products in different ways.”

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