Company Mulls Completion of Methanol, Ammonia Value-Chain by Using Modern Technologies

(Monday, May 20, 2019) 16:42

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Increasing the efficiency and completion of the value-chain in methanol and ammonia units by using modern methods and the state-of-the-art technical savvy, as well as identifying production bottlenecks and challenges will lead to transformation of the petrochemical industry.

Speaking to NIPNA, Ahmad Reza Ashtari, director of the Ayandeh Institute of Methanol and Ammonia, said, "About half a century of ammonia production history exists in Iran, and methanol production has entered its fourth decade, during which several methanol and ammonia units and related units have been designed with different capacities and technological designs.”

He said his company was in close contact with the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (PRTC), and expressed optimism that positive achievements be made in the institute’s projects in ammonia production units.

The official added that the institute was established in 2018 in order to gather information and experiences in the areas of design, implementation, commissioning and maintenance of these units, with the aim of optimizing new plans and completion of the methanol and ammonia value-chain.

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