Iran Petchem Plant Localizes Savvy for 13 Chemicals

(Tuesday, March 12, 2019) 19:27

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iran’s Fajr Petrochemical Company has acquired the technical knowhow to produce 13 new petrochemical items domestically.

The achievement prevents the flight of over 1 million euros from the country over the past five years, the company’s public relations said.

Head of the company’s facility Abdullah Ali Panah said: "There are currently 26 strategic chemical substances used in the facility, including anti-scalant (anti-sediment), oral polyphosphate, cooling tower chemicals, and morpholine which are being purchased from domestic manufacturers.”

Moreover, he added, 13 types of chemicals have been manufactured in the company in recent years which have dramatically reduced production costs.

Ali Panah stated: "Self-reliance and efforts to achieve the items have been realized in Fajr Petrochemical Company, and the company has achieved important economic and social outcomes by relying on domestic forces.

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National Petrochemical Company