Chairman of the Energy Committee of Tehran Chamber of Commerce:

High value added Ensures Private Sector Presence in Petchem Industry

(Tuesday, December 1, 2020) 21:06

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The head of the Energy Committee of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce said: "Iran's petrochemical industry has a conventional and accessible value added, which will increase with more cooperation with the real private sector."

Reza Padidar, Chairman of the Energy Committee of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, told NIPNA: "Fortunately, there is a lot of potential for the development of Iran's petrochemical industry. Also, with empathy and cooperation, we can achieve another leap by attracting new investments in this leading and important industry."

Emphasizing that the real private sector could have very good cooperation with the country's petrochemical industry, he added: "The government must trust and believe in the private sector and use the capacity of this sector more, without a doubt our country, which has a long history in the petrochemical industry will have a lot to say.”

"Today, countries such as South Korea, Japan and Germany have made significant progress in the petrochemical industry," he said, adding Iran’s petrochemical production capacity will reach 100 million tons per year by 2022, which is a major achievement.

The head of the Energy Committee of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce considered the petrochemical industry as one of the important pillars of the country's economy, and said: "I believe that petrochemicals have more than 2 to 3 times value added compared to crude oil and even gasoline and other products, so investing in the petrochemical industry is an attractive opportunity.”

He said: "The capacities of the private sector, especially chambers of commerce in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industries should be used in the true sense, and without a doubt, the use of clear thinking in this field will lead to positive changes and developments."

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