Technology Management System Launched at Noori Petchem Plant

(Sunday, June 21, 2020) 13:07

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – A technology management system was implemented at Noori Petrochemical Plant for the first time in Iran’s petrochemical industry.

Over the years, technology has gradually become one of the key dimensions of success in the petrochemical industry.

According to the plant, an economic study of the petrochemical industry shows that the use of efficient, appropriate and up-to-date technologies will reduce operating costs, ensure continued production and achieve the desired quality indicators for products, and businesses will gain more innovation and development capacity.

Hossein Parsa, head of Research and Technology Unit at Noori Petrochemical Company, said: "Since the beginning of [the calendar year of] 1398 (which ended on March 19), the company has decided to design and implement appropriate logic and procedures for technology management and innovation based on a set of processes."

He added: "Accordingly, the Research and Technology Unit, after preliminary and in-depth studies in this regard, with the cooperation of one of the country's prestigious universities, defined and started the project of establishing a technology management system."

Parsa noted: “Noori Petrochemical Company, as the first company in the country's petrochemical industry, was able to implement the technology management system and according to this system, the company's key technologies, in the form of process classification, catalysts and chemicals, fixed equipment, rotating equipment and logistics technologies and controls were identified.”

He continued: "Based on the results of monitoring key technologies and evaluating the current conditions of the company, technological gaps and technical improvement programs were identified and the path of technological development of this complex, such as communication with universities and knowledge-based companies and initial RFP for each has been devised.”

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