Petchem Development, Key to Iran Economic Progress: MP

(Tuesday, May 5, 2020) 23:51

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Tehran's representative in the Islamic Consultative Assembly said the country's petrochemical industry had great potentialities, adding: "In the current situation, the country's economic development strategy is to leap and develop the petrochemical industry."

Gholamreza Heidari, representative of Tehran, Rey, Shemiranat, Islamshahr and Pardis in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in an interview with NIPNA, referring to the great power of the petrochemical industry, said: "The petrochemical industry is a great source of income for the country by accounting for the lion’s share of non-oil exports and production."

He said that the production of various polymer and chemical products in the petrochemical industry and their export could be the support for the country’s economy.

The MP added: "The petrochemical sector can be considered as the foundation of the country's industry, given that the industry enjoys favorable infrastructures as well as efficient and experienced manpower that should be exploited properly."

Heidari added: "Fortunately, the country's petrochemical companies are now taking steps towards economic development, which is very important because petrochemical development prevents crude sales."

"If we want the country's economy to move forward in the direction of development, laws must be enacted in favor of the country's petrochemical industry so that this industry can help develop the country's exports and generation of hard currency without any problems," he said.

He continued: "The petrochemical industry is the most profitable and valuable industry in the country in the current situation, so the replacement of non-oil exports in order to increase the country's revenues should be considered as a priority."

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