Arvand Petchem Plant Ramps Up Output 11% Y/Y

(Monday, April 27, 2020) 09:11

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The CEO of Arvand Petrochemical Plant said his company’s output had increased by 11 percent year-on-year in the first month of the current calendar year (March 20-April 20).

Addressing a virtual press conference on Saturday, Hassan Neshanzadeh said that his company accounted for 27 percent of the Middle East’s PVC output, while the region enjoyed a 57% share in the global PVC market.

He said Arvand Petrochemical Plant was Iran’s largest supplier of the chlorine chain and provides the item for other petrochemical plants including Bandar Emam, Khuzestan, Karoon and Ghadir.

According to Neshanzadeh, the plant has recently become an exporter of caustic, adding plans were under way to bring the facility’s productivity to 90% of its nameplate capacity which is 340,000 tons per year of PVC.

Last year the company supplied 310,000 tons of the item.

Neshanzadeh also said that his company had joined a knowledge-based company to increase its output by 10% by merely optimizing processes.

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