Iran Self-Sufficient in Hexane Production by 2021

(Wednesday, January 15, 2020) 17:09

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – Plans are under way to make Iran self-sufficient in production of hexane by 2021.

Jalil Sobhani, the chairman of the HNT Holding Company, announced commissioning of a 40,000-ton hexane, 10,000-ton pentane and 7,000-ton heptane petrochemical plants in Iran by relying on local capabilities by the next Iranian calendar year which begins on March 21.

Addressing a ceremony to launch the second phase of Takt Jamshid Petrochemical Plant on Tuesday, said: “The project was carried out by relying on the capabilities of local young specialists of HNT Knowledge-Based Holding Company.”

The HNT Holding's Chairman pointed to finalization of 9 catalyst contracts with the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (PRTC), adding: "These catalysts are now in production and ready to be delivered to refining and petrochemical complexes of the country. Ethylene oxide, polymer, gasoline and diesel oil catalysts are among these.”

Noting that the complex's output have been pre-sold for the next three months, he said, "All the country's rubber plants are fully covered by the high quality items and the best prices offered by this project."

Sobhani further announced the productivity of a 10,000-ton coke plant in order to tackle the steel industry's major problem by the end of summer in collaboration with the Pension, Savings and Welfare Fund of the Oil Industry Staff, saying: “Next year, a 40,000-ton hexane, 10,000-ton pentane and 7,000-ton heptane for polymer units will come online all by relying on local savvy.”

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