Abundant Feedstock, Strategic Advantage for Developing Petchem Industries in Iran

(Friday, August 16, 2019) 12:34

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- A member of the industry and mining committee of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce said access to abundant sources of feedstock was an important advantage for investment in the Iranian petrochemical industry.

Speaking to NIPNA, Abbasali Ghassaei stressed the massive potential and active capacities for investment in Iran’s petrochemical industry, adding that financing was one of the methods that are instrumental in developing oil and gas related industries, including the petrochemical industry.

Speaking about attractions of the petrochemical industry for investment, he said: "Iran is of great importance in the world because of its vast hydrocarbon reserves and the abundance of feedstock which is a strategic and important advantage for expanding the petrochemical industry.”

He further said that Iran had access to a regional market with over 600 million people which makes great potentialities for developing petrochemical industries.

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