Domestic Manufacturers, Supporting Arm of Iran Petchem Industry: Official

(Tuesday, May 28, 2019) 15:55

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- A member of the Society of Iranian Petroleum Industry Equipment Manufacturers said domestic manufacturers were the supporting arm of the petrochemical industry of the country.

Speaking to NIPNA, Abdolreza Hamidi voiced the readiness of Iranian companies to supply parts and items used in the industry.

“The driving preference of domestic industrialist should be tapping Iranian potentialities for supply of items and parts given their massive capabilities,” he said.

Hamidi further added that Iran-made equipment and components used in the petrochemical industry are often of high quality, which, in the current situation and given the economic sanctions, must be used more than before.

The Society has over 700 members, and domestic manufacturers are prepared to be seriously involved in ongoing under-construction projects in the petrochemical sector, he added.

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