Targeting Petchem Exports by Sanctions, Useless: Official

(Monday, May 13, 2019) 15:44

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – A member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce said imposition of sanctions on Iran’s petrochemical exports was a futile policy as those who need the items would not follow suit of the US in banning Iran.

Seyyed Mohammad Atabak said the US could not impose limitations on export of petrochemicals by Iran, adding: “The US cannot force the countries that buy Iranian petrochemicals not to do so and forgo their national interest.”

Besides, he added, replacing Iranian petrochemicals is not an easy task for all countries.

Atabak said the demand for Iran-made petrochemicals by different countries is certain and the lives and interests of many countries depend on them.

“There are various methods for selling petrochemicals and the US will fail in this issue again.”

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