18 Petchem Projects Online by 2021: NPC CEO

(Monday, May 6, 2019) 11:34

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) said that 18 petrochemical projects would become operational by 2021.

Addressing reporters on the sidelines of the 24th Iran Oil Show, Behzad Mohammadi stated that the industry’s salable output would increase by 70 percent and reach 51 million tons per year.

“This would materialize the second leap in the petrochemical industry,” said the official, adding that the petrochemical industry is a dynamic and efficient sector which can generate huge value-added for the economy.  

He said the industry receives 25.3 million tons of feedstock from oil, gas and NGL resources of which two thirds are gas and the rest are liquid.

The CEO said that 55 petrochemical plants are currently operating in the country and two hubs are active, namely Mahshahr in southwestern Iran and Assaluyeh, in southern Iran.

The official added that 18 groups of items were being produced in the industry in Iran which entailed 300 grades of polymer products and 44 types of chemical items.

Elsewhere in the press conference, he said that the country generated 17.1 million dollars in petrochemical revenues annually of which $12.1b was in hard currency generated by exporting items and nearly $5b was generated by supplying the items on the domestic markets.

He also said that Iranian petrochemical plants exported cargoes to 30 destinations in Europe or Asia, adding that the technical knowhow for production of most of the catalysts used in the sector had been developed domestically by Iranian research centers and universities.


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