Iran Petchem Development Eye-Catching in 1397: Official

(Sunday, March 17, 2019) 14:57

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- A member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce said the development of Iran’s petrochemical industry in the calendar year of 1397 (which ends on March 21) was impressive despite certain problems, including sanctions.

Speaking to NIPNA, Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Shariatmadar, vice chairman of the Energy Committee of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, described the year as the year of a leap in the petrochemical industry, adding construction of several petrochemical projects under the sanctions and economic difficulties was indicative of the progress of the industry.

He said that the sector played a key role in realization of the goals of resilient economy in Iran, adding the industry created jobs and bolstered the value of national capital by completing the value chain.

Shariatmadar emphasized that the development of the petrochemical industry brought about huge benefits for the country's economy, adding that the further development of the petrochemical industry, in addition to preventing export of crude oil, will provide the downstream materials for strengthening national production and economic development of the country.

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