Petchem Industry Key in Value-Added Generation: Official

(Saturday, February 23, 2019) 18:16

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- A member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce said the petrochemical industry was a sustainable sector with high value-added generation.

Speaking to NIPNA, Hossein Salimi said that the industry would allow for solving a part of the problems caused by the US sanctions on Tehran.

Salami, who is also the vice president of the Chamber’s capital market committee, said after oil, the petrochemical industry generated the largest amount of revenues for the country, adding that the sector’s consumers had already recognized Iran as a supplier of petrochemicals thanks to their quality.

He said, “The petrochemical industry is a sustainable industry in Iran given the fact that production of natural gas, a petrochemical feedstock for petrochemical plants, is sustainable and there exist vast deposits of the item in the country.”

The official further said that the petrochemical industry played a key role in the country’s economy.

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