Petchem Plants Braced for Cyberattacks

(Thursday, November 29, 2018) 20:40

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- An HSE official with the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) said all the petrochemical plants and projects in Iran are prepared for any cyberattack by enemies.

Speaking to NIPNA, Ghodratollah Nasiri, head of HSE management at NPC, said the preliminaries of protecting the petrochemical plants and projects in the country had been taken against potential cyberattacks by enemies.

He said all the measures had been prepared to for example safeguard plants against disconnection of the internet.

He also underlined holding of a cyber wargame in the petrochemical industry, adding given the cyber operations of the enemy states against the Islamic Republic of Iran’s vital infrastructures, especially the energy and communications sectors, the Cyberspace Council and the Supreme National Security Council ordered all sectors to take steps to combat cybercrime. Accordingly, “we designed the maneuvers that were held in the first phase of cyber wargame in the area of Assaluyeh, southern Iran, and soon a cyber wargame will be held in Mahshahr Economic Zone in southwestern Iran.”

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National Petrochemical Company