Petchem Industry Guarantor of Revenue Stream for Country: MP

(Tuesday, November 27, 2018) 18:33

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- A member of the Iranian parliament said the petrochemical industry could ensure generation of revenue for the country.

Speaking to NIPNA, Taghi Kabiri, a member of the parliament’s economic committee, voiced the body’s support for the petrochemical industry, adding the experience of sanctions in recent years indicates that if “we cannot work out a replacement for the flow of oil money, our vulnerability towards the sanctions would increase and the petrochemical industry is a favorable resource for generation of revenue for the country.”

 The MP added that the Rouhani Administration seemed to be seriously considering replacement of petrochemicals by oil revenues.

 “The only way to save the country’s economy is to allow the private sector to operate in various grounds and the petrochemical industry is one of such grounds. The administration and the parliament must support the sector in order to wean the country off export of raw materials,” he added.

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