Domestic Manufacturing Bears Fruit in Siraf

1st Domestically Built Tower Enters Siraf Petchem Project

(Wednesday, September 30, 2020) 18:15

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The T-5003 distillation tower, which was built for the first time in the country, entered Siraf Energy Petrochemical Plant.

The tower was built for the first time in the country by Fateh Sanat Kimia Petrochemical Company whose delivery operation to the petrochemical plant began in June.

Mohammad Taher Ahangari, CEO of Siraf Energy Petrochemical Company, while emphasizing support for national manufacturing and independence from foreign sources, said: "The tower weighs 400 tons, is 7 meters long in diameter and 70 meters long in height and will be installed in the near future by powerful Iranian forces in the distillation area of the petrochemical project."

Ahangari stated that so far more than 70% of the resources allocated from the National Development Fund of Iran for the construction of this project has been procured through contracts with powerful domestic companies.

The CEO of the petrochemical plant also continued, “The construction of the ASU unit of this complex will be done for the first time in the country by domestic companies, which will be a big step in the practical realization of the slogan of production leap and economy of resilience.”

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