Last Super-heavy Equipment Installed at Masjed Soleiman Petchem Plant

(Saturday, June 27, 2020) 18:17

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – Operator of Masjed Soleiman Petrochemical Project said a super-heavy equipment weighing 406 tons has been successfully installed at the facility.

The technology and technical savvy for building this carbamate condenser belongs to Japan’s Toyo as the licensor of the plant’s urea unit and its construction has been done by Italy’s FBM, said Salehinia.

The official said the installed item is the place for production of carbonate solution and after this equipment, the produced solution is sent to urea reactor to concentrate and produce urea.

According to the project manager of Masjed Soleiman Petrochemical Plant’s Urea and Ammonia Unit, the weight of this equipment is 406 tons and its installation is considered one of the most complex projects before inauguration of the unit.

Salehinia added this operation is exactly in accordance with the pre-planned schedule and also according to the relevant technical methods, and is fully done by local experts and with the cooperation of a local company as the project MC and without the presence of a foreign contractor.

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