Official Calls for Balanced Development of Petrochem Industry

(Tuesday, May 26, 2020) 21:49

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – A member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce underlined the necessity of ensuring balanced development of the petrochemical industry with the aim of generating jobs in the country.

Speaking to NIPNA, Mehdi Masoumi Esfahani sand the petrochemical industry could play a role in the growing process of Iran’s economic development, adding the development of this industry both in the upstream and the downstream sectors would create employment.

“We should move towards production of final products in the petrochemical industry; if we achieve this goal, we can easily consider exporting petrochemical products,” the official said. “All this will wean the economy off export of crude oil and gas and complete the industry’s value chain.”

Masoumi Esfahani stated: "The importance of completing the value chain with the aim of reducing crude sales is not hidden to anyone. The conditions of this industry should be designed in such a way that the country would enter the global market more than before.”

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