Fanavaran Petchem Refinery Optimizes Methanol Unit

(Monday, October 14, 2019) 16:38

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The project to increase the efficiency of suction fans in the reformer furnaces of Fanavaran Petrochemical Plant’s methanol unit was carried out by local experts.

According to the plant, Behzad Gholipour, director of maintenance at Fanavaran, said the project was carried out successfully in the shortest possible time and had improved the plant’s efficiency in the methanol unit.

About the importance of this project and similar schemes by domestic experts, he said increasing the reliability of local firms and savvy of Iranian experts, promoting the spirit of self-confidence in the technical body of production companies, reducing costs and preventing currency outflows from the country, enhancing the level of knowledge and expanding scientific exchanges between companies under the current international sanctions, and saving up to 90% of the time consumed in fulfilling the project were some of the benefits of carrying out such projects in the country.

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