Iran Petchem Firms Keen on Buying Local Catalysts

(Sunday, September 1, 2019) 15:45

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – CEO of the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (PRTC) said that Iran’s petrochemical companies were keen on buying Iran-made catalysts for their operations due to the cost-effectiveness of the items.

Ali Pajouhan said that valuable steps had been taken for domestic production of catalysts used in petrochemical processes in Iran, adding that commercialization of the savvy for production of three catalysts had been carried out and another one was under way.

He said 13 petrochemical companies had purchased the catalysts and would use them in their operations.

As an example, the official said that consuming Ziegler–Natta catalyst used for production of linear light polyethylene would save companies some $30 million annually.

Moreover, commercialization of the catalyst for production of high-density polyethylene pipes would save petrochemical companies $15 million annually.  

PRTC cooperates with a wide range of petrochemical companies in Iran as licensor and research consultant, Pajouhan said.

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