Petrofarhang Holding Plans to Build Olefin Units

(Tuesday, August 13, 2019) 23:20

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – A senior official with Petrofarhang Holding Company said the holding had planned for construction of olefin units via GTX in order to complete the value chain in the sector.

Speaking to NIPNA, Seyed Ahmad Azimi, a member of the board of directors of the company and Vice President of Petrofarhang, stressed the need for ensuring convergence and interaction between petrochemical holding companies and firms on the path of development of the petrochemical industry, saying once the company’s development projects become operational, it will be the largest concentrated methanol produced in the Middle East.

He said the projects were defined with the aim of boosting exports and Petrofarhang would play a crucial part in methanol exports of the country.

The official further added that production of methanol and its value chain were the chief inclination of the company in its investment in the petrochemical industry.

In the petrochemical industry, items like methanol, propylene and ethylene are regarded as strategic items and investment on each of them would be a wise choice, he said.

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