Diversification in Petchem Output, Guarantor of Export Growth

(Sunday, June 2, 2019) 14:52

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- A member of the Energy Committee of the Iranian Parliament said that diversification Iran’s petrochemical output would allow for more exports by the country.

Speaking to NIPNA, Ali Adyani-rad stressed the important role of the petrochemical industry in the country's economic development, adding: “Iran's petrochemical industry has been on the path to growth and dynamism thanks to its skilled and efficient workforce, and external pressures cannot stop the sector’s development.”

The member of the Iranian parliament's energy committee added: "The continuation and increase of the sanctions by Trump is an indication of the strength and greatness of Iran, so the president of the United States, despite having various advisers and experts around him, could not reach a correct understanding of the Iranian economy.”

He added that the Iranian officials had foreseen the possibility of a petrochemical boycott by the United States, and took into account various scenarios to counter the effect of the restrictions.

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