Iran Petchem Output Grows 22-Fold Since 1979

(Saturday, February 2, 2019) 18:55

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iran’s petrochemicals production capacity has grown more than 22 times.

The production capacity of various petrochemicals in the year 1357 (1979) roughly 3 million tons/year, but at the end of the current calendar year, which began on March 21, up to 65.8 million tons of petrochemicals are expected to be produced in Iran.

Iran's petrochemical industry, despite undergoing various challenges in its development, is still accelerating its development, and given the available infrastructures in the country, this industry can become one of the most lucrative industries in Iran.

In order to achieve the industry’s goals, new investments and completion of existing projects are needed so that sale of crude oil and gas could be prevented and valued-added items be exported.

Prior to the Islamic Revolution, only 6 petrochemical facilities operated in Iran which have reached 54 active ones currently.

Before 1979, only 17 petrochemical products could be supplied domestically, but the number has reached 121 items currently.

Furthermore, export of petrochemicals has increased from 0.6 million tons/year in 1979 to over 21.67 mt/y in 2018.

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