Official Calls for Balanced Development of Petrochem Industry
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – A member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce underlined the necessity of ensuring balanced development of the petrochemical industry with the aim of generating jobs in the country.
Tuesday26 May 202021:49
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NPC News

1st Iran heavy polyethylene unit to be built
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – A contract was signed between Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (PRTC) and Tabriz Petrochemical Company for building Iran’s first heavy polyethylene plant.
Monday10 February 202016:16
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CEO Stresses Necessity to Complete Ethylene Chain in Iran
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) underlined the importance of completing the ethylene chain given the major demand for the item in the country.
Monday10 February 202016:05
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Noori Petchem Plant Eyes Output Beyond Expectations
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of Noori Petrochemical Company said his company was prapring to produced 105% of its planned productivity in the current calendar year, which began on March 21.
Sunday09 February 202017:59
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Arvand Petchem Plant Eyes Record-Smashing Chlorine Output
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – A project is planned to come online at Arvand Petrochemical Plant which would add 8% to the facility’s chlorine output brining it to a record or 650,000 tons per year, the highest output by a company in Iran.
Sunday09 February 202017:48
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Lordegan Petchem Plant Nearly Complete
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The final steps are being taken to launch Lordegan Petrochemical Plant, the project’s CEO said.
Sunday09 February 202017:18
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Supporting Petchem Sector Key in Enhancing Non-Oil Exports: Official
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The Chairman of the Society of Iranian Petroleum Industry Equipment Manufacturers (SIPIEM) said supporting the petrochemical industry would lead to a growth in production and export of non-oil items.
Tuesday04 February 202018:39
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Jam Petchem Plant Wins Award for Industrial Wastewater Treatment Project
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – Iran’s Jam Petrochemical Company has won an International Green Energy Award in Espoo, Finland, with the aim of presenting a new solution for Spent Caustic Wastewater Treatment with TRL6.
Saturday01 February 202016:07
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Tondguyan Petchem Plant Eyes New Output Record
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of Tondguyan Petrochemical Company said his company had already fulfilled 85% of its planned output, predicting that the company would break its production record in the current calendar year, which began on March 21.
Tuesday28 January 202018:25
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Iran Private Sector Ready to Play Role in Petchem Industry: Official
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Vice President of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce’s Energy Commission said: “Iranian powerful companies are ready to play a role in the development of the country’s petrochemical industry along with other sectors.”
Monday27 January 202016:30
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Iran Petchem Industry Booming
TEHRAN (NIPNA) – Iranian Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh said the country’s petrochemical industry was on the progressing trail, adding the country expected to bring its output to 100 million tons/year from currently 66 mt/y by 2021.
Monday27 January 202016:29
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