Iran Eyes $125m Catalyst Output by 2021

(Wednesday, January 15, 2020) 17:18

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (PRTC) said Iran’s catalyst output would reach a total of $125 million by 2021.

PRTC concerns developing the savvy to produce petrochemical products and the items needed for producing them like catalyst, strategic chemical items, etc., Ali Pajouhan told a ceremony to officially launch the second phase of Takt Jamshid Petrochemical Plant on Tuesday.

He said the petrochemical industry of Iran consumed 40 catalyst groups worth about $260 million annually. “Of these catalysts 16 groups valued at 105 million dollars have been localized in Iran.”

The official further said that 9 other groups with a value of 110 million dollars would be localized by March 2022.

The remaining catalyst groups are not considered strategic and are not widely used in the industry, he said.

Pajouhan pointed to contracts made in collaboration with HNT Knowledge-based Holding Companies, adding the catalysts for ammonia synthesis, methanation, low and high temperature water-gas transfer, methanol synthesis, natural gas dry reforming and ethylene oxide catalyst are covered in the contracts.

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