Jam Petchem Co. Poised for Gaining Global Status

(Wednesday, April 17, 2019) 18:57

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The newly-appointed CEO of Jam Petrochemical Company said it was not merely focused on selling items on foreign markets; rather the company needed to act as a world class firm in terms of behavior, skills, knowledge and marketing.

According to the plant’s Public Relations and International Affairs, the CEO of the company, Mohammad Reza Saeidi, took his new post and replaced Hossein Mir Afzali as his predecessor during a ceremony on Monday, April 15.

Jam Petrochemical Co. is a major brand in production of petrochemicals in Iran and the world which has been created by great people, said Mohammad Reza Rostami, the CEO of National Pension Fund Investment Company, who was present in the ceremony to welcome Saeidi and bid farewell to Mir Afzali.

Rostami stressed that the person who took the helm of such a mega-company needed to be adept in both economic and technical spheres; two criteria that Dr. Saeidi enjoys given his academic and professional background.

Saeidi holds an MS in chemistry and a PhD in international businesses.

Addressing the ceremony, Dr. Saeidi said that Jam was a multinational company that operated in an international level in sales and branding and needed to function like one more than ever.

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