NPC Pitches 25 Petchem Projects to Investors

(Sunday, January 8, 2017) 16:52

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The National Petrochemical Company (NPC) has introduced 25 fresh petrochemical projects to investors, a senior NPC official said.


Farnza Alavi, director of planning and development at NPC, said the projects may be financed by potential investors either collectively or separately.

She said new projects are needed to enhance the country's petrochemical output and secure a firm toehold for Iran in international markets. 

The official said increased gas output will lead to production of more petrochemical products in the country, adding the ground is prepared for bolstering the petrochemical sector in Iran. 

She said the petrochemical industry is the engine to economic development in Iran and all its potentialities must be tapped domestically.

لوگو- نیپنا

National Petrochemical Company