Petchem Regulator Key to Ensuring Export Integrity
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iran's petrochemical industry is in need of a regulator to devising master plans for developing the sector and orchestrating exports.
Saturday15 September 201818:05
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Iran Plants Sustainably Supplying Urea
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of Pardis Petrochemical Plant said the plants producing urea in Iran are supplying the item in the domestic market in a satisfactory manner.
Wednesday12 September 201817:44
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Parliament Backs Petchem Development: MP
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- A member of the Iranian parliament said all the powers in Iran, including the parliament, are joining hands to support the petrochemical industry given its significance in the country's economy.
Wednesday12 September 201817:21
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PGPIC Improves ICIS Ranking for 2018 Top Chemical Companies
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iran's Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (PGPIC) improved its ranking in the ICIS 100 Top Chemical Companies list for 2018 by 6 steps from 2016.
Tuesday11 September 201812:58
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Plant Renovates Boring Machine Domestically
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Experts at Iran's Amir Kabir Petrochemical Plant have successfully renovated a boring machine with Rls. 1.5 billion of investment after three months of hard work.
Sunday09 September 201815:16
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Damavand, Mobin Utility Plants Key in Running Petchem Projects in Assaluyeh
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The managing director of Damavand Petrochemical Plant says his company along with Mobin utility plant are key facilities for the supply of utilities for the petrochemical units operating in phases I and II of Assaluyeh, southern Iran.
Sunday09 September 201815:15
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Pardis Petchem Plant Accounting for 6.2% of Global Urea Trade
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iran's Pardis Petrochemical Plant is currently contributing to 6.2 percent of the global urea trade, the plant's CEO says.
Sunday09 September 201815:14
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Amir Kabir Petchem Plant Builds Carbon Content Tester
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iran's Amir Kabir Petrochemical Plant built a carbon content tester for the first time in the country.
Sunday09 September 201815:12
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Grounds Broken for Several Projects at Ghadir Petchem Plant
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Regional and government officials broke grounds for construction of several projects at Ghadir Petrochemical Complex in Mahshahr Petrochemical Hub, Khuzestan, southwestern Iran.
Sunday09 September 201815:11
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Fajr Petchem Plant Restores UPS System
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Experts at Iran's Fajr Petrochemical Plant successfully revamped the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system of the facility's water treatment unit at minimum costs.
Sunday09 September 201815:10
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MP Lauds Inauguration of Petchem Projects in Assaluyeh
TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The representative of Bushehr, Genaveh and Deilam in the Iranian parliament said launching petrochemical projects in Assaluyeh, southern Iran, could be influential in the area's economy, employment and industry.
Sunday09 September 201815:09
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